Most Expensive Meteorites in the World: See Which Pieces Sold for the Highest Prices!

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive meteorites ever sold? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the most expensive meteorites in the world, and the prices they have fetched at auction. From ancient pieces of space rock to modern specimens, these most expensive meteorites are truly remarkable, and it is amazing to see what people have been willing to pay for them!

List of the Most Expensive Meteorites in the World

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive meteorites in the world? Meteorites have long held a special place in the hearts of collectors, and the rarest and most valuable specimens can fetch incredibly high prices.

In this section, we’ll explore the most expensive meteorites in the world and find out which types of meteorites are the most valuable.

Knowing which pieces are worth money can help you determine whether you should invest in buying a particular piece or selling the one you already own.

The Fukang Meteorite: €1.7 million

The Fukang Meteorite - most expensive meteorites

When it comes to the most expensive meteorites in the world, the Fukang Meteorite stands out.

Discovered in 2000 in the Gobi Desert of China, it is made up of a rare form of a pallasite, an iron and olivine combination. It sold for a whopping €1.7 million in 2017, making it the most expensive meteorite ever sold.

You can also find online price lists that give an approximate value for different types of meteorites.

With the right knowledge and guidance, selling a meteorite can be a rewarding experience for both buyers and sellers.

The Main Mass of the Brenham Meteorite: €896,000+

The Main Mass of the Brenham Meteorite

The Brenham Meteorite, also known as the Great Gorilla, was found in the wheat fields of Kansas in 2005 and is the only known example of a stony-iron pallasite from this area.

This rare classification of the meteorite is made up of both iron and silicate materials, giving it a unique appearance that includes crystalized olivine gems known as peridot.

The pieces of peridot in this meteorite make it one of the most valuable types of meteorite.

So if you’ve got your eye on a piece of extraterrestrial rock, how do you go about selling it?

Well, there are several websites where you can list your meteorite and give potential buyers an idea of its value.

However, we recommend consulting a specialist who will provide an accurate price list based on weight and quality.

From the staggering sale price of the Brenham Meteorite to the incredible beauty of the Fukang Meteorite, there is no denying that these pieces of space rock are some of the most valuable things in the world.

And with a little research and luck, you may just find yourself owning one of these exquisite relics from outer space!

The Willamette Meteorite: €851,000

The Willamette Meteorite

One of the most expensive meteorites ever found is the Willamette Meteorite. This massive rock weighed 15.5 tons when it was found in Oregon in 1902 and has since been valued at €851,000.

This makes it one of the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world, along with pieces such as the Fukang Meteorite, Lunar Meteorite, and Winchcombe Meteorite.

The type of meteorite you have will play a role in determining its value.

Generally speaking, the most valuable types of meteorites are those that are made of rare materials, such as iron or nickel-iron alloy, or those that come from other planets like Mars.

If you’re looking to purchase a meteorite, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, be sure to look for reputable sellers who specialize in selling authentic meteorites and offer detailed descriptions of the pieces they’re offering.
  • Secondly, look for meteorites that have been authenticated by an expert.
  • Finally, remember that some meteorites can contain diamond-like components and so their prices can reflect this.

Overall, there are many different types of meteorites that can range in value from just a few cents per gram up to thousands of euros.

If you’re looking to purchase or sell a meteorite, be sure to do your research and shop around to get the best deal.

The Conception Junction Meteorite: €724,000

The Conception Junction Meteorite

When it comes to the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world, the Conception Junction Meteorite takes the cake.

It sold for an incredible €724,000, setting a new record for the most expensive meteorite ever found.

This rare find originated from a rural area of central Missouri and is made up of a combination of iron, nickel, and silicate.

If you’ve discovered a meteorite and want to know which type it is, you can use a meteorite price list to help you determine its value.

The price per gram for most meteorites ranges from €0.02 – €10, but certain types such as diamond-bearing meteorites can fetch prices of up to €2100 per gram.

If you’ve got a valuable meteorite and want to sell it, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The Springwater Meteorite: €511,000

The Springwater Meteorite

The Springwater Meteorite is the most expensive type of meteorite ever found, with a price tag of €511,000 ($603,600).

Discovered in Alberta, Canada in 2008, this iron-nickel meteorite is incredibly rare and has made several appearances at auctions since its discovery.

To determine how much your meteorite is worth, it’s a good idea to research recent sales and consult with a professional before putting it up for sale.

By understanding the most expensive types of meteorites in the world, you can get an idea of what kind of price you may be able to fetch for your own piece of cosmic history!

The Zagami Martian Meteorite: €383,000

The Zagami Martian Meteorite

If you’re a space enthusiast or collector of meteorites, then you’ll want to know about the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world.

These precious specimens range from chunks of rare Martian rocks to lunar meteorites, and all are sought-after for their uniqueness and historical significance.

The most valuable type of meteorite is an unclassified one – meaning it has not been officially linked to any particular location or origin – due to its rarity and high price tag.

The most expensive meteorite ever found is the Zagami Martian Meteorite, which sold at auction in 2016 for €383,000.

This incredible specimen was originally discovered in Nigeria in 1962 and is thought to be the sixth largest of its kind.

This meteorite is especially special because of its crystalline structures and olivine-rich composition, making it extremely valuable.

If you’re thinking of selling your own meteorite, then you’ll want to check out a few different price lists to see which type you have and how much it might be worth.

The Chelyabinsk Meteorite: €336,000

The Chelyabinsk Meteorite

Meteorites have long been a source of fascination, with some of the most expensive meteorites in the world fetching astronomical prices.

At the top of the list is the Chelyabinsk Meteorite, which sold for a staggering €336,000 in 2017.

This rare meteorite originated from a fireball seen over Russia and is composed of rock, iron, and nickel, making it a very special find.

No matter what kind of meteorite you’ve found or plan on selling, it’s clear that certain types can fetch some very high prices.

From the Chelyabinsk Meteorite to rare lunar meteorites and even diamond-encrusted pieces, these valuable pieces offer a unique glimpse into the past – and can be worth some serious cash!

Dar al Gani 1058 Lunar Meteorite: €281,000

Dar al Gani 1058 Lunar Meteorite

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive meteorites in the world? You might be surprised to learn that some meteorites have been sold for prices reaching well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The most expensive type of meteorite is the lunar meteorite, with the Dar al Gani 1058 specimen selling for a staggering €281,000.

Lunar meteorites are particularly valuable because they are rare and their composition reveals information about the moon’s history.

No matter if you’re interested in learning more about the most expensive meteorites in the world or want to find out how to sell your own specimen, understanding the various factors that influence the value of a meteorite can be incredibly helpful.

From lunar meteorites to the diamond-encrusted Winchcombe Meteorite, these space rocks continue to fascinate us – both from an aesthetic and financial perspective.

The Main Mass of Zagami Meteorite: €278,000

The Main Mass of Zagami Meteorite

When it comes to the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world, the main mass of the Zagami Meteorite tops the list with a price tag of €278,000.

The Zagami Meteorite is one of the most valuable and rarest types of meteorites and was found in Nigeria in 1962.

If you have a meteorite you would like to sell, there are many resources available to help you determine its value and find a buyer.

If you’re looking to sell yours, make sure to do your research so you know how much it’s worth and who might be interested in buying it.

The Gibeon Meteorite: €280,000

The Gibeon Meteorite

One of the most famous and expensive meteorites is the Gibeon Meteorite, which sold for an impressive €280,000.

This meteorite has a special place in history because of its composition, which has been studied since it was first discovered in 1838 in Namibia.

It is composed of an iron-nickel alloy and contains evidence of two different crystallization events, making it one of the most rare and valuable types of meteorite.

Additionally, if you happen to find a diamond inside a meteorite, then you’re looking at a much higher price tag as diamonds are some of the most valuable minerals on Earth.

Why Are These Meteorites so Valuable?

So why exactly are meteorites so valuable? It comes down to a few factors. Firstly, meteorites come from outside of Earth, making them extremely rare and unique.

Meteorites are also typically composed of materials that are not found on Earth, such as iron, nickel, and stony iron, which are all quite valuable.

Additionally, the rarity of certain types of meteorites makes them even more valuable, such as lunar meteorites and rare meteorites like Fukang and Winchcombe.

Aside from their natural value, meteorites have been valued by humans since ancient times due to their unique physical properties.

Meteorite fragments have been discovered to contain diamonds, while others are highly sought after by collectors who believe the rocks possess magical or spiritual properties.

Finally, meteorites have been linked to the origins of life and evolution, making them important artifacts for science.

These are just a few of the reasons why meteorites are so valuable and highly sought after.

Where Do Most Meteorites Come From?

When you think of the most valuable things in the world, meteorites might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, some of the most expensive meteorites can fetch some extremely high prices at auction, with some selling for as much as $600,000!

Meteorites are pieces of space rocks that have broken off an asteroid and entered Earth’s atmosphere. Meteorites can also originate from comets and moons of other planets.

While most of these space rocks eventually burn up in our atmosphere before they reach the ground, some survive and land on the Earth’s surface, becoming a meteorite.

Meteorites can range from small dust-like particles to large boulders.

What is the Future of Meteorite Hunting?

Meteorite hunting has been an exciting activity for centuries, and with the recent discovery of the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world, it has become a lucrative venture as well. But what does the future of meteorite hunting hold?

Of course, most meteorites are not that valuable, but depending on the type, a meteorite can be worth the money. In general, the most valuable type of meteorite is a lunar meteorite.

Meteorite hunting has been around for centuries and will no doubt continue to be an interesting hobby for many years to come.

By researching which meteorites are the most valuable, finding a reputable buyer, and authenticating your piece, you could make a tidy profit from your own piece of space history!

Conclusion: Meteorites Most Expensive in the World

Whether you’re curious about the 10 most expensive meteorites in the world or want to learn more about how to sell a meteorite, understanding the basics of meteorite pricing is essential.

In conclusion, if you want to find out which meteorites are the most expensive in the world, then the Fukang meteorite and the Winchcombe meteorite are two excellent examples.

Different types of meteorites can vary greatly in price, depending on rarity and where they were found. Before attempting to sell your meteorite, make sure to do your research to determine its type and estimated value.

Hopefully, this post has provided some insight into which meteorites are worth money and which are not, as well as a basic understanding of meteorite price lists.


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