The Most Expensive Sapphires in the World

The word sapphire comes from the Latin word sapphirus, which means blue gemstone. In addition to its stunning blue coloring, sapphire also has the distinction of being one of the most durable gemstones in the world. Sapphires are also considered one of the most important gemstones in the crown jewels of England and Thailand. While sapphires can be found in many different shades, blue remains the most expensive variety by far. Here are five of the most expensive sapphires in the world.

List of the Most Expensive Sapphires in the World


The Blue Belle of Asia: $ 17,564,156

The Blue Belle of Asia

In a country where most of its inhabitants cannot afford to purchase anything, there are five gemstones that are considered to be priceless.

These stones are called Padparadscha sapphire, Kashmir sapphire, Star sapphire, Black star sapphire, and Black magic.

The rarest of these gems is the Padparadscha Sapphire which has been sold for $ 17 million. This sapphire is found only in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It is a very delicate stone that needs extra care when it is being cut and polished

The Peacock Necklace: $14.894 million

The Peacock Necklace

This 18th-century necklace, set with a single emerald-cut Kashmir sapphire weighing approximately 128.86 carats and flanked by two rows of diamonds, is the most expensive sapphire piece ever sold at auction.

This piece is number one on our list for obvious reasons. The second most expensive sapphire necklace goes to a 34-carat diamond and blue sapphire beaded necklace with matching earrings that sold for £6 million ($10 million).

Third place goes to another green emerald cut Kashmir sapphire necklace from 1968 with an estimated value of $7.5 million dollars.

The Sapphires Richelieu: $ 8,358,520

The Sapphires Richelieu

There are many different types of sapphire, and each one is beautiful in its own right. The most expensive sapphire type is called a star sapphire.

Star sapphires are so unique because they have six directions where light reflects off of them, which gives them their name.

They’re also rare than other gemstones. Kashmir sapphire and padparadscha sapphire are also two expensive types of gemstones that can be found on our list of the most expensive stones ever sold at auction.

Gentleman’s Sapphire and Diamond Ring: $7.5 million

Gentleman’s Sapphire and Diamond Ring

The gentleman’s sapphire and diamond ring are one of the most expensive sapphires in the world, costing $7.5 million dollars.

This particular piece was designed by a jeweler from Munich, Germany, and is set with a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by round-cut diamonds and white diamonds, all set on an 18k gold bezel.

The design itself is remarkable with its band covered in engravings of leaves that were created by laser cutting technology which earned it an award for excellence at an international exhibition of jewelry design and craftsmanship in 2013 according to GIA Newsroom.

The Royal Blue: $ 7,357,999

The Royal Blue

This is the most expensive sapphire ever sold and was graded with a deep blue color and eye-clean clarity. The sapphire was discovered in Sri Lanka, but it’s not known where it was mined.

It has been said that this is one of the only five-star sapphires that are of top quality.

These are also some of the most valuable sapphires.

There are many types of padparadscha sapphire, which have a pink or orange hue to them, but they all come from Sri Lanka.

Padparadscha Sapphire can range from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on their shade and clarity.

A Burmese Sapphire: $ 7,223,285

A Burmese Sapphire

A Burmese Sapphire is considered to be one of the most expensive sapphires in the world. This stunning deep blue gemstone is mined from Myanmar and is highly coveted for its rarity and color.

The name Burmese Sapphire comes from ancient Hindu writings that refer to the gem as ‘Burma Jadau’ or ‘Sapphire from Burma.’ If you’re looking for one, you’ll need at least $7 million. 

1923 Cartier Sapphire Bracelet: $7.226 million

1923 Cartier Sapphire Bracelet

The most expensive sapphire bracelet is a Cartier piece with 265 carats worth of Kashmir sapphires. The original price was $7.226 million. It sold for $7.226 million at a Christie’s auction in New York City on October 25, 2015.

This bracelet is known to be one of the world’s most luxurious pieces of jewelry, and it was last sold at an auction in 2002 by Sotheby’s London for £3,995,000.

It has been worn by royalty including Queen Elizabeth II and Diana Princess of Wales and has been featured by many celebrities including Beyonce and Angelina Jolie.

Burmese and the Sapphire of Diamond Brooch: $ 7,127,453

Burmese and the Sapphire of Diamond Brooch

Some of the most expensive sapphires in the world are from Burma, and it is said that no other gemstone compares to its rich blue hue.

One of these sapphires, called The Burmese, was auctioned for a price of $7.1 million at Christie’s New York auction house in 2014.

The most expensive star sapphire is known as Kashmir. There are also other rare colors and types of sapphire that are more valuable than others, including padparadscha sapphire, pink sapphire, and yellow sapphire.

The Sapphire and Diamond Brooch by Cartier: $ 6,161,637

The Sapphire and Diamond Brooch by Cartier

Sapphires are considered one of the most valuable gemstones available. The most expensive sapphire in existence is called the Star of Bombay.

This gemstone was given its name because it is believed to be from Kashmir. It weighs 16.93 carats and has a value of $3,937,680.

Padparadscha sapphires are considered to be among the rarest and most expensive gemstones available on earth today. These stones come from Sri Lanka or Indonesia and weigh between 2-4 carats each.

Sapphire prices can vary depending on a variety of factors such as color, clarity, size, cut, and origin.

The Kashmir Sapphire: $ 5,984,474

The Kashmir Sapphire

Sapphire is an important gemstone that’s been used for centuries. It was, for example, one of Cleopatra’s most prized possessions.

In modern times, sapphire has retained its status as a luxury item and is often used to create jewelry. The most expensive sapphire in the world is known as Kashmir Sapphire.

It can be found in India and Nepal, but it’s more commonly found in Pakistan where it’s mined extensively. One of these jewels was sold at auction for $5,984,474!

The Unique Sapphire and Multi-gem “Côte D’Azur” Brooch: $ 4,569,684

The Unique Sapphire and Multi-gem “Côte D’Azur” Brooch

Perhaps one of the most expensive sapphires is a gemstone known as Padparadscha, which means lotus blossom. This type of sapphire is from its namesake place – Sri Lanka.

It has a subtle color that ranges from pink to peach and even orange. It’s an extremely rare stone and only about three or four sapphire mines produce this variety.

The Côte D’Azur brooch by Tiffany & Co. was made with a padparadscha sapphire and features other gems, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, citrines, and amethysts.

The brooch was sold for $4.5 million in 2006 at Sotheby’s New York auctions (Hirst).

The Kelly Sapphire: $ 4,197,000

The Kelly Sapphire

This is a pretty impressive piece of jewelry that is not only seen on TV but also on the big screen. The reason for this is that it is one of the most expensive sapphires in the world, worth $4,197,000.

The stone is known as The Kelly Sapphire and was found by a three-year-old boy while playing with his father near Golconda, India. It weighs 123 carats and has a very rare pinkish-orange tint called Padparadscha.

The Imperial Kashmir: $ 4,006,000

The Imperial Kashmir - most expensive sapphires

Imperial Kashmir is regarded as the most expensive sapphire in the world. It is a deep blue sapphire that comes from Kashmir, India, and has been worn by royalty for centuries.

The stone was originally cut into a 185-carat diamond but its value decreased because it wasn’t rare enough. In 2005, jeweler Harry Winston bought it and reset it as an 8.8-carat oval-shaped gemstone that now rests on a platinum ring with 25 diamonds around it.

This piece of jewelry set him back $4 million, which is still cheaper than his most expensive diamond ($24 million).

Elizabeth Taylor’s BULGARI Sautoir: $5.906 million

Elizabeth Taylor’s BULGARI Sautoir

The most expensive sapphire in the world is Elizabeth Taylor’s BULGARI Sautoir, which sold for $5.906 million at auction. It features a rare Kashmir sapphire and diamond necklace with matching earrings and a bracelet.

The total carat weight is 132 carats, which makes it one of the heaviest pieces of jewelry ever made.

What is the Best Sapphire in the World? It is believed that Kashmir, India, produces the finest blue sapphires in the world. These wonderful stones are mined at 16,500 feet in the Zaskar area of the state. The Kashmir blue sapphires are known to have a velvety or sleepy quality.

Are Dark or Light Sapphires Better? In general, medium and dark-toned blue sapphires are the most valuable. Sapphire’s saturation is determined by the gemstone’s hue, that is, how much color there is in it. A gem with subtle tints of grey or brown is said to have poor saturation, while a sapphire with vivid blue colors has high saturation.

What Color Sapphire is the Rarest? What are the rarest sapphire colors? The rarest are Padparadscha and cornflower blue. One of the most sought-after blue stones is a Kashmir sapphire from India; the last one was mined in 1927.

Which Color of Sapphire is the Most Expensive? The most valued blue sapphires have velvety blue to violetish blue tones in medium to medium-dark hues and have a high saturation of color. These qualities make sapphires the most expensive per carat.

What Country Has the Best Sapphires? In addition to Kashmir, Burma, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), sapphires are also found in Madagascar, Australia, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries, according to Salit.

Conclusion: Sapphires Most Expensive in the World

There are many factors that can contribute to a sapphire’s price, such as color, clarity, and size. The most expensive sapphire in the world is a Kashmir Sapphire from Burma, which is also known as Myanmar. It was sold for $2.4 million dollars at an auction in 2013.

The second most expensive sapphire is a Padparadscha Sapphire from Sri Lanka which was sold at auction for $1 million dollars. These are just two examples of the many expensive sapphires available on the market.


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